We would like for you to be part of this great event:

The Dayton region has always been place filled with a rich diversity of cultures, identities, and experiences; yet, like many communities, we can sometimes face difficulties in bridging our differences. Our nation as a whole is witnessing many divisions become entrenched, and our commitment to pluralism is suffering. Strength, however, can be found in community endeavors that bring us all together and foster positive engagement with our differences.

This is why we are organizing the World Culture Celebration Festival™. Our goal is to put on an event that not only celebrates Dayton’s regional diversity, but creates an opportunity for community members to come together – interactively – across our diverse identities, to learn, listen, share, and grow in our unity.

The festival will be a gathering that represents diversity in all its forms: ethnicity, nationality, culture, language, religion, physical ability, mental health, and more.

Artists and anyone involved in furthering cultural awareness will join us in laying the groundwork. We are calling on residents, neighbors, friends and family to join us in participating, discussing, eating, dancing, shopping; listen to great music and enjoying this all-day community experience!

The event will feature:

  • Information booths of cultural, religious, ethnic, heritage, health organizations, and other groups
  • Live concert artist music & performances (approximately 11 bands in an 800 people tent) by bands / artists. From participatory drum circle, gospel choir, belly dancing, blues, rock, pop, etc.
  • Cultural & Ethnic demonstrations, such as an interfaith prayer and indigenous ceremonies
  • Global cuisines, from Jamaican and to Greek food and so much more
  • Vendor fair with booths representing cultural groups, organizations and general merchandise.
  • Kids activities, such as face painting and art projects

By bringing  greater Dayton residents and broad-ranging  groups together with dynamic activities and an open and engaging environment, we aim to foster organic learning and holistic understanding. Attendees and participants will be creating a unique community right on site where everyone can engage in each other’s culture offerings, gain new awareness, and take steps towards building a deeper, more harmonious community.


The World Culture Celebration Festival™ is put on in partnership with St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community, an institution steeped in values of community, compassion, and acceptance. The event will be held on their expansive front lawn, the recent site of The Baby Boomer Festival, (over 2,500 visitors in a one day event in 2016) and will follow their annual 5K Race in honor of veterans.


St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community
8100 Clyo Road,
Centerville, Ohio, 45458



June 10th, 2017

11am-10pm, after St. Leonard’s annual 5K Race


For more information, please contact:

937.533.1291 or contact us here >>